Global Vendor Invoicing Requirements and Procedures

At the completion of a service request, you will receive a Final Work Order via email. Your final work order includes the scope of work requested, the total work order NTE amount, and a link that you must use to submit your invoice. If you do not use this link to submit your invoice, the approval process and your payment will be delayed.

Invoice Requirements:

  • Invoices must have a clear description of work performed
  • Invoices must have a breakdown of charges:
    • Labor: Number of techs, number of hours, and hourly rate
    • Material: Description, quantity, and cost per unit
    • Equipment or Miscellaneous charges: Description and amount charged

Signoff Requirements:

  • Signoff sheets are provided by Global
  • Must have the location manager signature and printed name
  • As specified on work order, signoffs must have date of service with hours onsite, in accordance with IVR check in/out times.

Photograph Requirements:

  • Before and after photos as specified in work order

Below is an example of the email you will receive:

Example Email

***If the final work order NTE amount does not match your invoice total for any reason, you must reach out to the Global representative identified in the email.***

When your invoice is ready to be submitted, click the “HERE” link in the email to access the online submission webpage.

Submission Form

  • The top portion of the form identifies the location information, description of the work required, and the work order NTE amount. Review this information to ensure you are submitting the correct invoice. If this does not match what you are invoicing, you must reach out to the Global representative prior to submitting your invoice.
  • After you review the work order information, scroll down to attach the required document(s) within each of the appropriate sections.
  • Add additional text information within the “Additional Details” section, if applicable.
  • Before and after photos
  • Client Sign Off provided with the correct dates of service, times in and out, and the total number of hours

  • When all documents are attached, click the “Submit” button to send your invoice accompanied with the associated documents.

    Please remember that IVR compliance is a requirement. You must comply with all IVR rules and photograph requirements as specified in your work order to ensure proper payment.





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