Global Terms & Conditions

Work Order Terms:

  • Contractor shall provide the Services set forth in a Work Order received from Company. Any sketches, drawings, specifications or other documents referenced in a Work Order shall form an integral part of such Work Order.
  • A Work Order which is labeled “Bid Request”, “RFP” or equivalent and is issued with an NTE of $0 shall be treated as a Request for Proposal, only. No amounts shall be invoiced against such a bid request.
  • Upon acceptance of a Work Request, Contractor must provide a firm work schedule, including the date and time work will commence. If the work will span over a 24 hour period, a milestone schedule shall be provided. Contractor must immediately advise Company if they will not fulfill their commitment. TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE with respect to Contractor’s performance herein.
  • Contractor must immediately contact Company if they are refused entry to a Service Site.
  • Where Contractor attempts to perform evening/PM services during business hours, and is refused entry, Contractor is expected to return to commence work as scheduled. No additional compensation will be approved.

Listed below are the procedures that must be followed in order for prompt payment.

Invoice Requirements:

  • Invoice must be submitted to Company no more than five (5) business days after Contractor’s completion of the work.
  • Invoice must have a clear description of work performed
  • Invoice must have a breakdown of charges:
    • Labor: Number of techs, number of hours, and hourly rate
    • Material: Description, quantity, and cost per unit
    • Equipment or Miscellaneous charges: Description and amount charged
  • Invoice must reference the Purchase Order or Work Order number on the invoice. Invoices which do not refer to a valid Purchase Order will not be processed for payment.
  • Invoice cannot be more than the NTE given. Contractor shall only be paid for work which was previously authorized via a valid written Purchase Order or Work Order. Contractor shall not perform additional work, change orders, exceed Not to Exceed (“NTE”) limits, or in any other way amend or change the scope of work absent an approved Change Order or amendment thereto.

Signoff and Other Requirements:

  • Signoff sheets are provided by Global
  • Signoff sheet must be updated with description of work completed.
  • Signoff sheet must indicate if repair is complete, or if additional work is needed.
  • Signoff sheet must have the location manager signature, printed name and the store stamp. If a stamp is not available, manager should make a notation.
  • If specified on work order, you must include on the signoff:
    • Date of service with hour’s onsite, in accordance with IVR check in/out times.
    • Before and after photos

Payment Terms & Requirements

  • Contractor standard payment terms shall be Net 45 from receipt of invoice and sign-off sheet. Optional accelerated discounted terms are available through submission of a Quick Pay Authorization Form.
  • Payment will be issued contingent upon the completion and receipt of the following documents:
    • Completed and signed W-9 Form (US contractors only) or W-8 Form (all others)
    • Signed Independent Contractor Agreement
    • Insurance coverage documentation as detailed in Exhibit A to the Independent Contractor Agreement.





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