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Lauryn Blank

Lauryn Blank

Chief Executive Officer

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I started my career as a lawyer, but like my father, I was inspired by the entrepreneurial spirit, and saw an opportunity to make a difference in facilities management. Together with my husband, Sean, we started Global in a small studio apartment in New York City in 2004. It was a perfect combo: between my experience and skill as a lawyer and Sean’s industry knowledge, we were able to identify what clients needed, and create unique, personalized solutions for each situation.

As word got out about our tailored approach to service, Global’s business grew steadily every year. Within 6 months, we had moved the business out of our apartment and into our first location. Through solid relationships and referrals, Global’s client base continued to grow – and so did our commitment to service.

Our secret? Treating clients as individuals.  Everyone’s different.  Some people want to oversee every single detail: some people just want you to handle it and tell them when it’s over; some people want weekly reports.  Whatever the client needs, Global goes the extra mile to give it to them.  We like to anticipate client’s questions and answer them preemptively,  so they feel as though they are in good hands and have been thoroughly informed.  Our clients have said, “We feel like you’re here in the cubicle with us.”

Global’s commitment to responsiveness starts with the very first client contact.  When we began our business, we wanted to make sure that no matter what time of the day or night the call comes in, our clients would be able to speak with someone, not a recording or an answering machine.  We always have an agent on call 24/7.  You don’t have to wait for someone to wake up and return your call in the morning.  We are there to help, “whenever, wherever!”  That’s our motto.

That motto came in handy when Hurricane Sandy hit New York. Equipped with a fall-over generator and many remote locations, our office was able to stay up and running throughout the disaster, and continue to serve our clients. That’s Global: when other people are running away from a situation, we’re running toward it. We are prepared and stocked for every emergency, seasonal or otherwise. We really have your back in a crisis!

Today, Global has over 200 employees and thousands of vendor partners around the world. Our company continues to evolve and adapt, honing our processes to enable us to better serve our clients. We truly believe that building a company is really building a team of people who can help you grow your company. We’re always open to change. If somebody has a good idea, we’ll listen to it.

Sean Blank

Sean Blank


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I grew up working in retail stores, and my dream was always to be a retailer. In college I power-washed homes and decks as a summer job – this was before everybody had a power-washer – and it was my first business. One day I was looking at a job I had just finished, and the deck was beautiful: it looked brand new, sparkling. But I looked at the dirt on the patio furniture, the windowsill, the side of the house, and I thought, “no, you can’t leave it like this.” I wanted it to look perfect. So when I finished power washing a deck, I’d make sure there wasn’t a speck of dirt on furniture, or the siding, or the windows. It’s all how you finish a job. That’s how it should be. If you do a job, you do it 100%. It’s about whether you give that extra something to the client. Give them 100% of what they are looking for, and more. And that’s what I truly believe in.

This has been my philosophy as I worked my way up in the industry. I started working in my cousin’s signage company, got a couple of big contracts, and then we started expanding into rollouts, facility management and maintenance and finally, construction. We did so well, a friend of mine brought me into his construction company and said “We want to do facilities. We need a partner who can do this.” Two days later, Lauryn convinced me to start Global.

We were in business two weeks when we signed our first big client at a tradeshow. Eleven years later, we’re still working with them. The key is that no matter how big we get, you will never know whether we have one person in our office or 1000. I will never make a client feel like they are not a priority. We are all about service, communication and pricing. If we do it, we do it 110%. We don’t slow down, even if I have to work 25 hours a day. That’s how we run our business.

When we first started our company, Lauryn and I did everything: insurance, service calls, we handled every aspect of the business. I love to sell, I love to be front of the company, that’s my passion. Lauryn loves structure, operations, the backbone of the company. She’s looking three, four, five years down the line. So we have two different roles within the company. We make good partners and we surround ourselves with the most amazing people here at Global. Some people can’t cut it; even if they’ve been working for five years somewhere else – the level of customer service is intense. But for people who share our passion, we have great opportunities. The way we treat our vendors, we don’t have to find new vendors every time we go into a town. I can tell you our first vendor’s phone number off the top of my head. They’ve stayed with us and helped us grow our business, and we’re very fortunate.

Our goal is to become the #1 company in this space. Whether we grow, or whether we stay a certain size, we want to be in a place where people are calling us up and saying, “Global, can you work with us?” That’s the best compliment in this business. We’re the difference makers. We want to give you such an experience that you won’t believe how well we handled it – whether it’s the emergency at three in the morning, or the grout that one person in the office thought was off. We will make it right. When it comes to service, communication, and being a partner, nobody is going to touch us. We won’t allow it.

Robin Baskin Ladner

Robin Baskin Ladner

Vice President, Sales

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I started working in retail in the 80’s, and have been in the facilities maintenance & construction business for the last 15 years. My previous expertise in the industry was with glass, doors, locks and HVAC.

Reputation in our industry is everything and ours is stellar. Sean and Lauryn are owners who care about the top three: the customers, the employees and the vendors. Being able to sell our services to customers, and knowing we can back it up, is everything to a sales team. Today, we still have our very first employee and our very first customer. That’s because we believe in building and keeping relationships. Everyone at Global, no matter what their title, at the end of the day, is customer service. None of us are above doing anything for a customer or each other. We have had such great success because we all want to continue to grow and succeed together.

Something you may not know about me: I absolutely love live sports. I especially love to watch & play golf. My favorite players are Jordon Spieth, Ricky Fowler, Bubba Watson, & Adam Scott.

Stacy Brown

Stacy Brown

Vice President, Strategic Planning


My background is in Facilities. I fell into this industry after college, and I feel like I’ve grown up in it. My experience encompasses all sides of the industry – retail, technology and vendor – which gives me a unique perspective on all aspects of our business.

What drew me to Global was the energy of the team and their desire to continually improve. I was also excited about the potential value I could bring to Global. It was a good opportunity for a self-motivated and entrepreneurial person, and that suits me to a “t!” I love having the opportunity to both learn and teach something every day.

Something you may not know about me: My new favorite mode of transportation is the Segway

Danielle Uanino

Danielle Uanino

VP, Operations


I started at Global as a part-time employee in my junior year of college as an Account Coordinator. I had no facilities experience prior to that but Lauryn and Sean and their passion for the business made me want to stay in this industry. I loved the fast-paced environment and the fact that my ideas, thoughts and opinions were heard, respected and implemented. I was given the opportunity to advance. Now, I’m the Director of Operations and Process Improvement. I love the fact that I have seen it grow over the past eight years, and that all the people I work with – owners, managers, and employees – are aligned to the same goals.

Our commitment to customer service makes us stand out from the crowd. I’m proud of our response time and communication, and our “Get it done” attitude.

Something you may not know about me: I have a pink vespa.

Dennis Doyle

Dennis Doyle

Director of Construction


I’ve worked in the construction industry for over 25 years. My construction background includes a partnership at a major construction company, working for 3 New York general contractors, and 12 years in the retail division during which time I became the Vice President of Construction. I was also a union electrician with Local 25, and an electrical contractor. I feel that this experience was a perfect backstory to becoming Global’s Director of Construction.

I was drawn to Global because of the culture, the involvement and cooperation from all departments throughout the company, and the way the company is led. I am eager to use my experience to contribute to the success of the Construction Department.

Something you may not know about me: I am an avid fisherman.


Global has always supported community events and charitable organizations, but as the company grew and expanded, we wanted to do more than just celebrate our growth and success with our employees and their families. We wanted to make a difference.





Global Facility Management & Construction is dedicated to providing superior rollout, repair, maintenance and construction services to our clients. To do so we must consistently strive to offer the lowest possible price, the highest level of communication, and the most reliable technician performance in the industry. Our commitment to achieving this mission is the backbone of our success.





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