We understand how banks, financial institutions and check-cashing locations are different from retail locations (and in some cases, they even have different terminology). Services we’ve performed for financial institutions range from motor banks to man-traps, roofing to restoration, as well as cleaning and exterior services.

Our knowledge and experience enables us to service the needs of financial institutions throughout the US and Canada.



We provide snow removal services for a leading bank in Texas. It was important to our client that the snow removal plan was environmentally friendly and would work for future de-icing needs. We worked closely with them to develop a plan that conformed to what they wanted and specified a list of green chemicals that our snow removal vendor partner was required to utilize.


For future needs, we keep a supply of these chemicals at an off-site location in Texas to ensure that we are always prepared for any winter weather events in the area (believe it or not, Texas does get snow and ice!). We also provide a weather alert service at no additional cost to our clients, so we’re always aware in advance of a storm, and can put our vendors on standby in the affected area.  Additionally, we mapped out a strategic route to ensure that their entire footprint in the region is completely covered in the fasted, most effective manner.

  • Snow Removal
  • Multiple locations
  • Material storage
  • Strategic route mapping





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